February 28, 2010

The kids are watching Bolt early this morning as I write to you.  Mason is in his plaid pj's, and Vaughn in nothing but Iron Man underwear which are inside out for some reason.  They are playing with balloons Rick and I got from Red Robin on our date last night.

It was a nice date.  All we did was go out to dinner and stop at Walgreens for some shaving supplies, some shampoo, and a treat of coconut m&m's.  They were divine.  We laughed at how boring we must be to enjoy such a simple night out, but maybe the truth is that our life is just so intoxicating with our two little monkeys and each other that we have to dim it down a bit to restore balance to our lives.

After our date I headed to a late night gym trip.  The gym, which is usually so busy was almost empty.  I enjoyed working out while jamming out to The Grateful Dead, the Kinks and Bjork.  I always wonder what other people are listening to on their ipods around me.  I think that the music that really gets you moving and motivated must say something about who you are as a person and tell so much about your history.  Sometimes when I'm in the middle of a song that really gets me flying, I have a strong desire to find the artists who created the music, give them a big fat kiss on their cheek, and say "thank-you!"  Maybe in the next life my dreams will come true.

The morning is gathering light, and my kids are becoming disinterested in Bolt.  Rick is awake now and reading The Bernstein Bears and the Spooky Old Tree to Vaughn.  Mason is eating leftover pancakes that he threw on the floor at breakfast.  I think we will all go outside for a while and enjoy the plum and apricot tree blossoms beginning to pop open.

All love,