April 30, 2010

I'm sitting here in the living room on the couch, with the back door open, listening to Rick and the boys play and swing together in the hammock, and watching the trees sway in the late afternoon breeze.

It would be a completely blissful moment if my entire body didn't ache from my horrible boot camp class (remember I told you to expect complaining from me).  What a class.  I knew I was in trouble the first time I went when I was excited every time the instructor said to do jumping jacks, because I finally had a moment to bring my heart rate down.  In the 4 times I've gone to the class I've prayed at least a dozen times.  They always go something like this: "Dear God.  Please don't let me have a heart attack or pass out.  Amen."  At least the instructor plays really loud hard rock music.  Not usually my style, but when I'm feeling like hell, it sure does the trick.

Today in class the song "Enter Sandman" from Metalica started playing and it took me right back to ninth grade.  I remember once our bus driver played that song, and turned it up really loud, and for the entire song everyone on that bus started singing along and head banging.  We all felt so cool.  It might be the only moment in my middle school experience that I remember everyone feeling united that way.  Who know heavy metal could bring people together?

We have beautiful flowers on the table that make the whole living room smell beautiful.  We got them to celebrate Grandma Fran's birthday today.  I've been thinking about her all day today.  She was such a hard worker.  I have no idea how she did everything she did, and how she did it so well.  Sometimes I just feel so grateful for people that I know or have known in life who are so amazing.  They inspire me in so many ways, and Fran was one of those people who inspired me.  I'm in awe of her.  Her strengths were so different than mine.  I'm just so glad that I married her son, and that she instilled so many of those strengths in him.  I hope to continue learning from them, and that together we can pass them on to our own children.

I wish she could be here with me in our comfortable living room enjoying this special day.  Maybe she is here in her own way, watching her grandkids faces glowing in sunlight, playing with their Dad.  I hope it makes her happy, wherever she's watching from.